Meaningless Life in Foxconn

February 2, 2011

"I feel no sense of achievement and I’ve become a machine.”

“Life is meaningless,”. “Everyday, I repeat the same thing I did yesterday. We get yelled at all the time. It’s very tough around here.”

Conversation on the production line is forbidden, bathroom breaks are kept to 10 minutes every two hours and constant noise from the factory washes past his ear plugs, damaging his hearing, Ah Wei said. The company has rejected three requests for a transfer and his monthly salary of 900 yuan ($132) is too meager to send home to his family.

“It’s the prices,” said Gordon. “Their prices are lower for high-quality work.”

“The fundamental problem for Foxconn and other Chinese factories is that their business model relies on a low-cost workforce sourced from rural areas of China,” BussinesWeek


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