Arrested from Tweet

South Korean prosecutors have arrested a man for disseminating pro-North Korean videos and text through social networking services, which is a criminal offence in the republic.

The 54-year-old, surnamed Cho, is charged of 63 counts of breach of the National Security Law by posting online text messages such as “Long live Kim Jong-il, the mighty sun of human beings”, local media report. His Twitter account alone had some 3,000 followers, prosecutors said. RT

Who is it Cho? How can he get 3000 followers? And I think he absolutely realize that his action gonna cause bad legislation effect on him, and he maybe gonna be end up in jail for a long term. S. Korea National Security law really ‘scrutinize’ the internet after some tense moments and North Korea’s artillery attack in November. And I think it is not a very patriotic for Cho to make that statement, especially in these moments between North and South Korea.


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