Credit Card Exorcisms, Rev. Billy

The first time I watch that video, I thought it is some kind of joke, or parody. But, when I search videos for Rev. Billy, I found more video about him, preaching about exorcism. More video below.

Seriously, is this real? Is it just a joke? Look at the peoples who came to that church, laughing when Billy preaching, taking videos, and didn’t take it seriously at all. They came there maybe just to watch a show.

“Reverend Billy says a credit card exorcism on the entire nation is what can cure America. “15 million Americans are addicted to shopping, but many more than the 15 million shop too much”. Rev. need to find a lot more peoples like him to carry out that exorcism.

“But with millions of people addicted to buying, what is the real price shoppers have paid for their hobby, and can credit card exorcism be the last resort to save the addicts?” I know what else can cure this, don’t use credit card. If you use real money, you can see the money flow. You can feel it.  News RT


2 Responses to Credit Card Exorcisms, Rev. Billy

  1. John Gray says:

    This may not make sense, in a way, but it does carry a very important message.

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