Old Advertisement Pictures, Hilda Clark

Image and informations below from Wikipedia

“Drink Coca-Cola 5¢”, an 1890s advertising poster showing a woman in fancy clothes (partially vaguely influenced by 16th- and 17th-century styles) drinking Coke. The card on the table says “Home Office, The Coca-Cola Co. Atlanta, Ga. Branches: Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Dallas”.

The woman in that ads is Hilda Clark, and if you search her pictures in Google, you will see a lot more versions of her ads with Coca -cola. In fact, Hilda Clark was the first celebrity to promote Coca-Cola products, started from 1899. She has been called the queen of Coca-Cola advertising. For example:

Hilda Clark


Auction $300++ Click Image to go to the auction site to see clearer picture


Click image to go to the site to see more picture of old advertisement poster

Image via: Wikipedia, Digitaldeliftp


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