[Video] Greece riots in Athens, 3 Workers Killed

The mobs threw petrol bombs,which cause the fire to the bank building with 25 staff inside, killing two women and a man. In this situation, I’m agree with George Papandreou, the Greek prime minister:

We’re a free and democratic country and every citizen has the right to demonstrate. To protest is one thing, to murder is another.

The riots ignited since the country face 272bn debt, approval for the 110 billion euro bail-out of Greece, taxes hikes, expenditure cuts, cutting on pension benefits.  You can see by yourself, how the riot policeman burned by the mobs in here, and the tensions still growing and nobody can tell when it is gonna end, maybe when the Greece’s economy back to normal, but this thing seems quite impossible in this 2 years, maybe longer. And all these disaster, caused by the corrupt government.

See: ‘austerity measures’.


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  1. […] as the EU and IMF moved in to impose harsh austerity measures upon the country. Three people were killed as anarchists set a bank on fire, dozens were injured in skirmishes with police as petrol bombs and […]

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