[Video+Tech] Amazing Word Lens Dictionary

I still can’t figured it out how the scan electronic dictionary works. How can the dictionary detect the words and then translate it. And now new thing coming. The WordLens, new apps for iPhone which currently offers only English to Spanish and Spanish to English translation. It is a paid app and it cost $4.99. It is very useful especially when travelling, to read the road sign, restaurant’s name, brochures–etc.

This is really a worth buy app. Moreover the translations is live, no need to buffer or anything else. Simply to understand, it works likes, the optical recognize the picture, detect the word, find the translation in dictionary, and then translate it.

But, how can the optic lenses distinguish between the words and the other pictures. And what if the word is written in words, and pictures forms, can the lenses detect it? For example when you write a word ‘apple’ with the lines of the words is the combination of picture of apples, or other pictures.
It really an amazing futuristics app.


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