[News] Russian Road and Corruption

Here is one more example of corruption in Russia, especially in Moscow. The cost of highway construction include many factors. Type of ground, level of development in that area, technology used, material use, width and length of the lane , buying the land, relocating the those who live in the line and many more.

But, some observers said that the road cost in Moscow is high that other places is because of the corruption. Of course the construction companies reject that bribery is to blame for the enormous cost of road-building, and their reasons are what already stated above.

Europe ($4,8 mil), USA ($4 mil), China ($3 mil), Russia ($12 mil)

The city authority/the client need to spend more to solve all the bureaucratic mess which still affected by the legacy of Soviet Union. Plus the trouble is when the land is privately owned (and it is very costly even at the border of Moscow), and the landed is crowded with the sewage pipes and telephone lines. And all of these must be solved early so that the works can be finished earlier to catch up with the short deadlines. (and freezing cold winter, maybe).

To get clear image, you can watch this video, and it is in Russia. Here are the news: TheMoscownews Telegraph Russian Today Respondanet


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