[News] Corruption In Russian, Causes of the Ethnic Clash

It is quite unbelievable yet predictable when some peoples, bloggers said that the ethnic clash between the Russians and Caucasians. Russians observer and experts agreed that the clash rather should be blame on the corrupt authority, police than the nationalist sentiment. Aslan Cherkesov, 26, a man from the Southern Russian republic of Kabardino-Balkaria shot dead Egor Sviridov, one of the leaders of supporters of Spartak Moscow FC.

Spartak Moscow FC known from their true sport spirit, with no other agenda and no fight. Police arrested the suspect, but then released after numerous members of the North Caucasus arrived at the police station. This is what lead to the gathering, peaceful mourning gathering, which also lead to other meeting in the heart of Moscow. When the number of crowd increased and the emotions is saturated, it lead to the huge clash.

Even members of national diasporas, including people from the Caucasus, said that most of the blame for Saturday’s riots lies on corruption in police ranks.

The fact that the incident turned into an action with nationalist subtext should be blamed on law enforcement bodies that cannot show society that they can be trusted.

Saturday’s rallies were enough and they hoped that the authorities would pay attention to their demands.

All the suspect return back in custody.


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  1. apa maksud corruption adalah punca?

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