Electromagnetic Railgun

The main breakthrough of this monstrous gun that it doesn’t rely on explosive material to propel the bullet, instead it have pulse technical features which can expel the bullet through its parallel rays using the magnetic current. It can produce 33 megajoules firing power and the bullet can reach 7 Mach speed.

It can hit a target 100 miles away accurately within a minute, travel up to 290 miles in less than six minutes, with  a velocity of 5,000 feet per second. Without the explosive material, this gun is very useful to be put on the warship, so that it can reduce the space in the warship. Besides, it will reduce the logistic problem with the explosive material shipment and safety. But, the Navy have to face the other problems. The rails which is about 200-feet long, is enormously huge, so, they need more space for it and as you can see in the video below, the railgun produce gigantic of power of impulse and pressure to the ground.

But, the important things is it works with pure clean energy, kinetic energy. Rail guns have long been seen as a “Holy Grail” of naval weapons… They found it, so whats next?

Can you imagine how much impulse will it exert onto the ship?

It based on magnet

Image via [ US Navy]

Source : PopSci, Cosmiclog Howstuffworks

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