The Highest Picture’s Pixel, London 80-gigapixel Panoramic Photo

This 80-gigapixel panoramic photo of London made from 7886 images. Great masterpiece by Jeffry Martin, immortalize the whole city in a single picture, and you can see the detailed by yourself. The pictures was taken from the top of the Centre Point building in central London in 2010. It is very clear and you can see the peoples faces with miles away.  They even organize a treasure hunt and the winner will get awesome camera and computer bags. And theres a lot more things coming, you can write a story and even your city can participate, and if you are a photograph enthusiasts, join them.

Click for bigger image

More picture in their site here. And news here. Their others picture :

Quite uneasy for me because, usually when you look at picture, or Google map, it such as a normal picture, so you ‘drag’ the picture to the left to see the rest in the right side. But it is a bit differences with their pictures.

And if you click at  ‘Take a look’ at the below the picture in their site, you can explore to lot more places, for example, Alcatrez Prison, Acropolis, Angel Falls, Chernobyl, Wadi Hamra, and a lot more, which I think sent by participator.

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