LuminAr, Approaching the Tony Stark Technology

In previous post, I was talking about the technology used by Tony in the Iron Man movie. And Audi made that challenge in April 2010, and in June 2010, there is a winner. Audi reveal the Tony Stark Innovation Winner, that is Natan Linder, MIT graduate student, who invented LuminAr.

LuminAr is not just a table lamp stuffed with wire, but it is a intelligent robot, personal dekstop robot helper and a lot more amazing capabilities. It consist of Lunar bulb, projector and camera. It can project the information and capable of interface the environment. Based on what Linder said, computer nowadays ‘bordered’ by screen and pixel images, but this robot released the pixels. It can project your ‘computer’ anywhere you want. You can watch the video, checking your e-mails, typing with no restriction.

The most impressive thing about LuminAr is that, when you put the Coke can on your table, and LuminAr detect it, it and open the Coca-cola webpage. And this robot can detect a lot more object. It also can decide on what surface they gonna project the information.

Now it make Kinect already behind. Basically, this is not what Tony use to invent his robot in the movie. But, this LuminAr is more likely the robot that that help Tony, and spray the fire extinguisher. It is more wonderful when you can talk with LuminAr. It is more wonderful if I can create it by myself, almost impossible. Both Tony and Natan came from MIT. But, I am not. But, who knows.

Watch Youtube video about the LuminAr here. Images are from that vid.

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