In gaming world, highly multifunction smartphones becoming a new contender to the DS and PSP. How can a phone defeat a bunch of gaming playing devices, in gaming world. From just a simple communicating phones, they can be upgraded with more high-tech components which looks similar with the other gaming devices. Even looks better. But it is impossible for any DS, PSP or other gaming gadget to be added with communication applications, messaging, calling, email–etc. It just doesn’t seems right. It is also doesn’t seems right when DS, PSP or others combine with calculator, notes, or any other common applications that can be found in all phones.

When Sony E Zeus will be released (“the Loch Ness Monster of consumer electronic devices, according to The Wall Street”) it is gonna be combined with more impressive gaming capabilities. It is a hybrid of communication, social networks and game.


DS=Smartphones – PSP- Phones

PSP=Smartphones – DS – Phones

Phones=Smartphones – DS – PSP




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