QWOP, How to Win The Game

First of all, what is QWOP? Where did they got the name? You can know by yourself when you the game. I know this game first in Raywilliamjohnson. And I tried this game. It is totally difficult. You don’t have to control the balance or anything, but you have to control his thighs and calves. And you have to run 100 metres. Remember, it is not about win or lose…it is about..hmmm…about …Isn’t game is about win or lose? Or…or…maybe this game is to teach you about patience, friendship, sportsmanship–etc.

[Click picture to go to the game site. or simply here]

Owh..forgot about ‘how to win’. It is, simply you can’t win (remember, it is not about win or lose, so don’t be sad), or you can watch this video, and study it from the click (QWOP).

THIS GUY WIN THAT GAME: QWOP-Speed-Run-1001M-in-000130

Funny commentary:


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