4 Responses to What is the Common Password?

  1. John Gray says:

    lol you don’t know what 69 represents? hint: its a sex posotion
    On topic, as a tip, my formaula for password contains 2 priority
    1st priority for emails and stuff
    2nd priority pass for facebook and stuff
    The 1st one: 2 common but significant-to-you words plus a 2 digit number, with the letters of the words changed to appropriate equivalents of symbols and numbers
    e.g. say I take peacock and feather and 42, combine to peacockfeather42 -> ?3@(0(kf3@7#3r42 instant superpassword; see the resemblance?
    for priority 2 pass, the same formula, but use leetspeak or l337sp34k
    so peacockfeather42 -> p34c0ckf34t3r42

    • Termid says:

      *hahha..I know about 69, but trying to look ‘purer’ in front of my friends..I read kamasutra..sometimes…
      thanks for the tips..very useful, really..nevy thinking about that before. Before this, I just use number and alphabet for passwordss…but not *%$#@…and I never mix between the alphabet and number. For example, before this I just use abc123, never thought about to mix it like this:b1c2a3..
      Very good tips, thanks…

  2. John Gray says:

    forgot 1 more thing.
    to differentiate between sites, just add the site/service/etc. in front of the password
    1st: googlep3@(0(kf3@7#3r42
    2nd: facebookp34c0ckf34th3r42

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