Farmville by Zynga, The Greatest Mind Challenging Game

FarmVille is a game (or real-time farm stimulation game) invented by Zynga (it is a name of American bulldog, owned by Mark Pincus, the founder) available in social-networking website, Facebook and App in iPhone. Peoples in FarmVille plowing land, planting, growing crops, harvesting trees and bushes, virtually.  With more than 62 million active users and over 24.6 million fans in Facebook, FarmVille became social network’s most popular application and its growing.

In November 23, FarmVille was in the number 2  in app leaderboards but today, FarmVille back to number 1 again.

Farmers in FarmVille use ‘farm coins’ as their currency, which can be earn by leveling up, completing offers or microtransaction. Thats what I only understand. I am not qualified to explain what is it happening in FarmVille because never in my life play that game. I am included in 90% of Facebook user that didn’t play that game.

But FarmVille also involved in some controversies. It has been accused with ‘farm coins’ scamming with Netflix, scams ads through e-mails, and techcrunch also accused Facebook had a great deal of money with Zynga. And FArmville has been criticized to clone the FarmTown, which was been released earlier. Make sense..


[Click Image for source]

And FarmVille also accused for advertisement.(?). This is weird, is it normal for some site or applications to put ads in their site? FarmVille is for free, it is not gonna hurt if they put some ads in it. And FarmVille also accused cause addiction which leads a woman to kill her baby, because the baby would not stop crying when she palying FarmVille. Keep child away from parents when they playing FarmVille.

Visit Zynga site here, and FarmVille’s site here.

Watch this funny vid by Toby about how great FarmVille is:


4 Responses to Farmville by Zynga, The Greatest Mind Challenging Game

  1. John Gray says:

    Apparently, Zynga as a company, is worth more than Electronic Arts, famous for games such as the Command and Conquer series, Need for Speed series and FIFA/NFL/NBA/etc. sports games.
    Just on providing a farm game (and of course others such as Mafia Wars and such) Zynga > EA in $$$.

  2. Termid says:

    thanks for the link..

  3. fakhrullah says:

    xsuka game fb doh.

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