The Seed Cathedral

[image source: Wikipedia]

The Seed Cathedral was invented by a nine member conglomeration of British business and government resources and designed by Thomas Heatherwick. It was built to save seeds from around the world and put them together in 600 square meters cube with more than 60 000 slim and transparent acrylic rods.

Each eight-metres rod contain a different seed and the final pole of the seed pushed in by David Miliband to signal the completion. Each of the rods will glitter and shimmer their own ray by daylight. At night, that cube will produce amazing effect when their interior is illuminated by lightning element.

the Foreign Office has not disclosed how much people’s money had been spent to build that cube (costing  £25million) since Britain is facing national debt around £800billion. In Wikipedia, stated that The cathedral has now been dismantled, with some rods donated to schools, some donated to the World Expo Museum and some being auctioned for charity. Wikipedia. It is good for them. If it is not gonna be dismantle, its gonna need a lot of money and work to clean it and taking care of it. Since it waving with the breeze, collapsing with each others.

Images from Youtube video here.


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