Personal Appeal from Wikipedia Founder, Jimmy Wales

I have read quite many time that appeal. But, I am quite sure a lot of Wikipedia’s user still did not realize about that. For me, wikipedia is the first site to visit, when I enter to a new topic or subject. Chemistry, engineering, arts, cubism, photography, technology, personalities, mind reading, history, statistic, movies, and a lot more. Even The Shadow Scholars said that. I don’t care when some of the Wikipedia document is not correct. As I say, it is just for the introduction, it is the reader’s responsibility to look more informations that is much more correct. Wikipedia is a free website. So, what more can we expect from it. Why Jimmy Wales didn’t put any advertisement in it? I mean, just spare one space down at the corner, its not gonna hurt.  He is really following his philosophy, that is objectivism.

Without advertising. Without benefits. Without a program of action. Now, a decade after the founding of Wikipedia, it is used by more than 380 million people a month – nearly a third of all people connected to the Internet. This is the fifth most popular website in the world. The other four are designed and maintained by multibillion-dollar investment, the huge state corporations and relentless marketing. However, Wikipedia is not like the commercial sites. She – the brainchild of the community, each participant who voluntarily brings in its contribution. You – a part of our community. And I am writing to you today with a request to protect and support Wikipedia. Together we can keep it free of charge and free of advertising. We will be able to keep it open, and you will be able to use information from Wikipedia in any way convenient for you. We can maintain its growth, spreading knowledge throughout the world and inviting everyone to participate. Wikipedia

Jimmy Wales also trying to open wide his appeal, for example in the cover of the City Evening News.

Image source: Danwei

Read more: Jimmy Wales, Telegraph, T-3

“Free access to the sum of all human knowledge, some called it impossible, I call it Wikipedia”

But, maybe because of its ‘aggressiveness’ of fund rising advertisement, peoples seems didn’t like it. You can find a lot of version of appeal in a lot of website.

Image source: DarkyWarky

**Look at the symbol**

It is quite harsh for Jimmy, maybe he has his own plan for the Wikipedia, to upgrade it. And don’t forget you can add  a nice Wikipedia donation banner to every single web page, here.

Lastly, my opinion about Wikipedia, it is good for introduction, even good for that topic, but the rest, depend on me. Wikipedia unique in their own way.



2 Responses to Personal Appeal from Wikipedia Founder, Jimmy Wales

  1. harap harap wiki dapat bertahan.
    dan tak shut down cam pirate bay!

  2. Termid says:

    Long live wiki..

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