BendDesk, Combination of Board and Screen

The concept is roughly about combining the digital documents, graphics and videos, with the traditional desks. It quite good, but, as you can already see, there seems quite some of uneasy sight. The BendDesk is enormous. Yes, it is the combination of a lot of things, but, it is seems didn’t follow the current technology that is compact and mobile. Technology is to make something simpler, smaller and lighter. And then, after some researches, they found out more problem. Peoples seems didn’t easy and comfortable with combination of the screen and board. Peoples use to mouse, keyboard as different entity with the screen. More picture below.

And look at the guy play game in the demo’s video below. What game is that? It look so old and simple, but it seems not really fun and even they look in trouble to handle it. It simply looks old. How can this technology compete with LightTouch and many more that concerning touchscreen table.

But, maybe one day BendDesk will expose their real amazing stuff behind all these things.

Image source: First image, BendDesk, others, Youtube Video

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