Small Satellite Mission, NASA’s O/OREOS

NASA’s Organism/Organic Exposure toOrbital Stresses, or O/OREOS,nanosatellite is about the size of a loaf of bread weights approximately 12pounds. The idea is to make this O/OREOS a breakthrough of  low cost astrobiology experiment. The study is about changes in organic molecules and biology with exposure to space changes, weightlessness and cosmic radiation, outside the Earth’s magnetic fields.

In that nanosatellite, they put  Halorubrum chaoviatoris and Bacillus subtilis, and let them grows in certain colonies. The O/OREOS Space Environment Survivability of Live Organisms (SESLO) experiment will characterize the growth, activity, health and ability of microorganisms to adapt to the stresses of the space environment.


Image courtesy, DailyTech

Image courtesy and sources and continue reading : NASA, Astrobio,, CentauriDreams

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