Interesting and Stupid Stuff at Sky Mall

What is it Sky Mall. Well, it is roughly in-flight and online catalog shopping. It is famous for selling unusual product. Here is some example.

1. Day Clock

Do you always lost your mind? Some peoples lost their track of the hour, and some weirdly enough lost their track of the day. With $39.98, worries no more. It is absolutely slow moving to finish one round. Obviously, one week. Sky Mall didn’t tell you this. If you one of the weird people, or your friends, who always confuse about your days, visit this site for more informations.  One guy out of nowhere put his review about this clock. He said, “The perfect gift for my Mom. She retired recently and really doesn’t care what time it is unless it is for a Hockey game! She loves it!”. Hope that Sky Mall sell Years clock later on. I always lost my track of the year. Source: SkyMall. But, no matter how stupid it looks, I still want it to be in my room.

More products below.

2. The NeckPro Traction Device

I don’t even want to read about the product details. Long and complex to explain what it is. From picture above, you know why it is need ‘more explanation’. Look at that guy.. Poor guy..But wait, read the product’s review, by Hankstafer –“If relief is what you’re looking for then this may be your answer. I can’t speak for everyone but the Neck Pro Traction device has actually relieved neck tension for me. I must admit it looks gimicky but it doe’s work” . I don’t want to know whether it could work or not. Source: Neckpro

3. Skyrest Travel Pillow.

This one suitable with Sky Mall. Since it is product in the plane. I wish the airlines company provided this things on the plane for free. Look at that guy…He sleep soundly. He is not an actor. I guess. You also can carry this easily. Look at what people say, “Haven’t used it on a plane yet, but almost fell asleep on it while watching T.V.!”. Source: Skyrest

4. Sperm Shoes

I don’t care what it is actually called. But it has sperm logo. And it have spring in it. Oh, I forgot, it is a trampoline shoes.

5.  Table Tote Worktable

Oh I like this one. Looks simple and mobile. Very useful I think. Plus you can carry it with your laptop case. Product details.

Go to their website. There a lot more stupid and interesting product. Also, watch this video from Ian about SkyMall: Ian Is Bored


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