North Korea, Inside the Iron Shell

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When I heard something about North Korea, there is nothing come to my mind. Not absolutely nothing, but, almost nothing. What come to my mind about North Korea, some boys throwing stones outsides their wooden house, young soldiers dreaming, military bases, dull looking villages, gloomy city, some soldiers spending their times with their own weird way–etc. When I heard about South Korea, I will remember their K-pop culture, Seoul, dramas –etc. Now their conflict again becoming tense, and both side provoking each others. Which will lead to war.

When I am talking about war with my Koreans friends, the first thing they said that, if, if the war begin, they all will be sent back to South, to join the army. Its quite a new information for me. I never think about, if my country involved in any clash, do I have to be sent back?

Below, some nice pictures, somewhere in North Korea.

Image source: completeall



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