Outstanding Google Street View Images

GoogleStreetView Image

There is no words to explain about all these pictures. It is simply taken from Google Street View. Unbelievably alive and truly speaking about real life. Now, from all these pictures, we can really say, picture can tell a thousand words. But, what about boundaries. We can say that, is it possible that, the peoples in these pictures see their own picture, some of it, almost of it are personals? If they see it, and they didn’t like it, what can they do?

In here, some of the best and beautiful pictures of Google Street View. Some of it, inappropriate.  They even have their own free exhibition of that pictures. Great effort. But, some of it I even doubt that it is taken from Google Street View. Images credit GoogleStreetView.

image courtesy : http://googlestreetviews.com/


2 Responses to Outstanding Google Street View Images

  1. khalis says:

    peh yandex tiru google ke google tiru yandex ni ….dah cam same ngan yandex je ni

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