Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear and The Stig

Youtube video below:

When I first heard that Bill Collins reveal himself as The Stig, I was thinking, is this the end for Top Gear? If not, why he revealed himself? Who and whats gonna be next? Well, I am just a normal, from 400 millions  Top Gear’s fans, but I didn’t like it. Stig is not just a driver.

People like Stig’s character himself. Viewers want to find out the mystery of the Stig. But, they don’t want to know. Obviously. Peoples like to know Stig as a person that, a person who have a piston for a  heart, has a skin texture of a dolphin, can catch fish with his tongue, sleep upside down, wanted by CIA…But, peoples just know his as The Stig only. Everybody wants to wear a t-shirt says ‘I’m The Stig’.

Jeremy said that Bill is a greedy person. He knows Bill better. Some say, The Stig…


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