Should I Wear Underwear At The Airport?

After this video become more popular in the internet, more complaint about the TSA arise. They may say that all they are doing are for the security, they checking inside out for a reason. Chicago-bound plane had been through an attempt bombing by Nigerian man who stashed explosives in his underwear. But, the negative effect also very obvious and people did not like it.

“We can’t tell if there’s something under your skirt.” YahooNews. Even it was said by a female officer to a female passenger, still it looks so wrong.  Never in my life I’ve been thinking what to wear to face the officer at the airport. Simple for me, jeans, t-shirt, jacket and shoes. But, maybe after this I need to think whether I should wear the underwear. But, Dont touch my junk, I’ll have you arrested! **Waiting for the t-shirt.

Image courtesy, LOLSnaps



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