Four Lions – “Rubber dinghy rapids!” and Party Puffin

I am not quite sure, what is it actually this film about. Maybe you already heard and watched this movie, but, everybody maybe have their own opinion, what is the main purpose of this movie. Morris is a satirical person. I don’t believe that Morris really want to show that Waj does not really know the differences between rabbit and chicken. Waj said that, chicken is ‘rabbit with no ears’.<

They also used every day dialogues such as ‘fuck’, ‘bro’, and ‘dude’. A lot of catchy and funny phrases from that film such as:
‘You cannot win an argument just by being right’,
‘As I understand it, we shot the right man, but the wrong man blew up’,
‘That’s a fucked up rabbit’
‘Rubber dinghy rapids’. This ‘Rubber Dingy Rapids’ also have a Fan Group in Facebook.
I dont think that Morris want to potrayed an image that Muslim is a terrorist. Rather than denying, he just want to show the stupid part for believing that. There is a reason, why the police force caught Omar’s brother group, but not his own group. For me, this is the most funny, satirical and epic movie, till this time, ever made. This is the most controversial film of 2010. This is the first feature film by Chris Morris, who was voted “most hated man in Britain” in 2001 for his Brass Eye TV spoof of the media’s obsession with paedophilia. He is also widely hailed as a comic genius and one of Britain’s finest satirists.
This is like a master labyrinth of comedy and emotions.

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