No More Middle Finger

Passenger arrested for giving airport staff ‘the finger’

A TRAVELLER has been arrested and sentenced to two months in jail for giving “the finger” to an airport worker in Dubai. The Muslim woman phoned police, who arrested Mr Anthony as he passed through border control.

Mr Anthony, who works for the UN in an undisclosed capacity, was initially convicted of indecent behaviour and insulting the employee, and was jailed in Dubai for three days before being bailed. He has pleaded not guilty, and is now appealing against a two month jail sentence and a deportation order. According to a source from the Dubai courts, “Brits have often fallen foul of decency laws but no one’s been arrested this quickly.”

  • We need to take care of our middle finger carefully nowadays. It can put you into the prison. Is there actually any exact rules/ laws that saying, maybe showing the middle finger is one of the ‘insulting’ behaviour? Maybe it is worse when you showing it to the goverment workers. And also depend on the situation. Maybe if teenagers did that to that worker, maybe she’s not gonna call the police.

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